We want to leave the world better than we found it.

Hi, I'm Lucia. I was born in 1979 in Nebraska to parents who immigrated to the United States from the Vietnam War. To earn a living in a foreign land and not speaking a word of English, my grandfather and my father took odd jobs such as a cook or cutting hair, while my mom stayed home to take care of my one sister and three brothers. After living in the midwest for just a few years, my parents got tired of the snow and left to live their American dream in sunny Southern California where my grandfather and my father pursued their dream of becoming an artist and sculptor and fulfilling their purpose up until their last breath.

Why is my father and grandfather so important to me? Well, because these two men shaped me who I am today. After high school, I was on the path to Berkeley to become a Pediatrician. However, deep down I was so miserable with every single class I was attending. Longing to always take color theory, design, and type class but never having the courage. As the desire grew, memories of my summer as a kid would remind me why I was pulled to do art - I remember sitting for hours and drawing typefaces that a book that my father gave me, I remember spending days painting statues that my grandfather created, I remember admiring the pages from a gorgeous gigantic book about Michelangelo, I remember being in front of my stuffed animals and pretending to teach them about colors. Being creative was in my blood and bones. So after my 2nd year in college, I took that bold leap and started to study art and design and I never turned back. 

Since then, this fire in belly led me to become a creative entrepreneur. Where I launched an event design company, a branding agency and to a wedding lifestyle magazine. 

Today, Iā€™m pursuing my other passion of helping people and connecting leaders. We are all made to not be alone but as a tribe. I believe God has given everyone purpose not for themselves, but to use it to encourage, nourish and support each other. Let's make the world a better place than we found it.